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Why High Security Locks

This should be terrifying:

"Lock bumping" is a simple technique for opening 90% of the locks used today - probably yours. Directions for making a special "bump key" can be found online. Anyone with a blank key and a file can make one.

As the video shows, all it takes is a little "bump" to unlock the door. You won't even know the crooks have been there until you see your valuables are gone

Even worse, insurance companies can be slow to pay if there is no sign of a forced entry.

high-security-locks-are-a-safer-alternativeHigh security locks have a different style of key that cannot be "bumped" or drilled to open. They are a much safer alternative than your traditional style lock. These keys even require a special locksmith machine in order to read and cut the key if it needs copying or replaced. 

High security locks

High security locks can't be "bumped" or drilled open. For this reason they're a little more expensive, but these security door locks are worth it with the unlimited access to information the age of the internet has provided. Paying a little extra to make sure that your valuables are secure is a no brainer. Unless this lock is left unlocked it is virtually unaccessable. 

High Security Locks - The Modern Security Answer

The items in your house are getting more and more expensive while the locks are getting less and less secure. People are able to get information on lock picking a little too easy now days which is making locksmiths recommend high security locks instead of your typical door lock. 

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