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Old Town Scottsdale Safe Locksmith

You can't beat a safe for keeping your valuables secure. Today's safes are better than ever and much more affordable than before.

Safe Lock Repair

safe-opening-by-a-scottsdale-locksmith Andrews Lock and Key can help with any issue you have with your safe. Anything from breaking into one to moving it to a new location. Call us.

A safe lock is a complicated mechanism and sometime will require service. Andrews Lock and Key has a safe locksmith on staff to handle your safe lock repair.

Safe Locksmith Experts

We've had a lot of experience working with many different types of safes. From a "wild west" era safe with poison-gas capsules to modern high-security models with multiple interlock systems, we've done just about everything.

Of course, we can do the more mundane safe work, too, like installations, relocating your current one to another location, "cracking" open a safe with a forgotten combination, or configuring a newer high-tech lock system. Our safe locksmith can also handle any safe lock repair you have.

If you need an expert safe locksmith, call Old town Scottsdale Locksmith at 602-503-1343.

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