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New Home, Get The Locks Rekeyed

rekey-locks-with-scottsdale-locksmith Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith will reuse the same locks to provide you with a new key system for all the locks of your house, we can even make a master key

Always Rekey Your New Home!

The last thing you want is for someone to have a key to your front door without your knowledge. Do you truly know who the last residents gave a key to, or if the realtor, mortgage company, or bank still had a copy floating around. It is very important that when you move into a new home you call Old Town Scottsdale Locksmiths and have the locks rekeyed. We reuse the lock hardware that is currently on the door instead of selling you new door locks and handles. Upon arriving at the job our locksmith will survey the locks and let you know exactly what will need to be replaced or how the job can be completed before beginning the work and we will always quote an exact price. 

One Key Fits All Master Key System

Get rid of the janitor key chain! Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith can rekey locks so that one key will open them all, its called a master key. Think of the convenience of having just one key to open your front door, back door, deadbolts, and every other lock in your home or business and another set of keys that can only access the pool gate and fence or just the warehouse and not the office so the pool man or service workers can get their jobs done but not have access to all doors.

By reusing the lock hardware already on the door we will save you money. Rather than replacing the lock cylinder or selling you all new hardware, Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith reuses the lock hardware as long as it is in good working condition or can be tuned up to turn "like new" again. We find that the older locks found on the homes around Scottsdale have better quality parts in them then the current locks being sold. 

Master key system

A master key system is where one "Master Key" will open all the locks in your building, but individual keys only open specific locks.

With a master key system, employees will get keys that will open the front entrance doors and their own office door. But those keys will not open any other offices. The Master Key, which only a few key people have access to, allows access to all offices. Master key systems give you extra security, and more convenience.

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