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Lock Replacements by Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith

lock-replacement-by-scottsdale-locksmith Is your lock tough to turn? Does you door handle not push down easy? Locks get old and beat up by the Arizona sun. Call Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith and get the locks replaced today! 

Why you might want to replace your door locks:

Your lock isn't working right:

If your lock doesn't seem to be working right there could be a possiblity that Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith can tune up the lock to work "like new" for a few more years or at the worst case we will have to replace the lock entirely. The Arizona weather can take its toll on the locks, door knobs, and handles out here in the desert, and although we do everything we can to fix it before having to replace it sometimes it is unavoidable. We survey the situation with our years of experience to make the best decision on how to move forward. When it does come down to needing to replace the lock, Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith carries only the best quality handlesets including: Yale, Kwikset, Schlage, and others.  

You have too many keys:

When a lock breaks or the key gets lost, it's tempting to fix that one door.  Over the years you find yourself carrying a two pound key ring and fumbling through large numbers of keys to open the door. Often one door will require two or more keys to open both the passage lock and the deadbolt.

Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith can do a complete lock replacement or a rekeying to make all those locks open with just one key. For commercial buildings, we can provide a master key that opens everything and still keep some doors on separate keys.

You don't know who has a key:

If its been awhile since your locks  were changed, you don't know who has keys that can access your home or office.  Commercial space changes hands enough that this should be a concern when you first take over. For a residence, lending institutions often rekey locks to their own master key - one that opens all their properties and may be in the hands of nearly hundreds of people that you don't want to meet. Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith can do a lock replacement or rekeying to make your space secure again with new keys and tighter control of who has one.

Fired Employee or Supervisor:

Terminated employees are often the source of security lapses. Even employees who leave on their own pose a potential problem. If you've had some turnover, it's time to you secure your workplace with lock replacement or rekeying by Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith.

Rekeying or lock replacement by Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith will make your home or office secure again. Call us at 602-503-1343.

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