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Electronic Key Fob Locks, Keyless Locks, and Smart Locks

Keyless locks, eletronic locks, and smart locks are becoming the way of tomorrow. These devices were once rarely seen restricting access to hospital doors and government buildings. But as technology has advanced we have been installing these locks on residentail and commercial properties alike. We provide installation and training on all of your home automation needs.

Why a Keyless Lock, Electronic Lock or Smart Lock

All three are computerized systems that allows you to control who can open a lock. The method of control varies.

Keyless Lock

keyless-door-lock-by-scottsdale-locksmith Never worry about the kids losing a key or having to carry a large keychain around just to get through the door. Keyless entry locks are replacing keys under the front door mat or the random hide-a-key rock in the yard.

Installing a keyless lock on your door gives you a pin pad to enter a combintion of numbers to unlock the door. Most keyless entry locks have the ability to be programmed to hold multiple key combinations allowing you to give a key code to individual people and keep track of who is accessing the door. Some devices even have the ability to program a temporary code that is only active on certain dates and times.

Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith is experienced in installing these locks and training our customers on how to access the data. We set all the combination codes before we leave and make sure the client is confident in using the system. Most of the devices have a manual key override allowing access to unlock the door in case the device fails or there is no power.

Get rid of the keychain and install a keyless access lock today!

Electronic Lock

electronic-lock-fob-from-phoenix-locksmithBusinesses are installing key fob electronic locks in order to keep track of employees while hotels and resorts continue to use the electronic card reader technology.

Old Town Scottsdale Locksmith has been installing card reader and key fob lock systems for several years now. Our experienced locksmiths know what access control system will work best for your business.

Businesses typically install key fob access control systems over the traditional door lock or card reader lock in order to have more functionability with the system. A key fob access control system gives a company the ability to decide which doors employees will have access to while restricting access to other doors and even providing a tracking system.

Smart Lock

smart-lock-from-phoenix-locksmith The Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing locks to work with smart phones and other electronic devices.

Almost everyone has a smart phone in their pocket now days so locks have began to incorporate smart technology with the Internet of Things. With a connected BlueTooth or compadible app, your smart phone can now unlock your door, notify you of who opened the door, and even provide you with a picture or video.


The experienced locksmiths at Old Town Scottsdale Locksmiths can help you make sense of these new high security systems and put a plan of action in place for your company or home.

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